Increase Your Children’s Chances for a Great Career

A new study had been published not long ago which once again confirmed the advantage of private schools. The study looked at various professions here in the United Kingdom, including lawyers, doctors and politicians.

private-schools-uk-better-earningsThe vast majority of those professionals had been found to have been privately educated!

In other words, there is a big chance that a successful doctor or lawyer will have attended a private school, rather than a state school.

While we could debate about the unfairness of this advantage of private schools, there is no denying this fact.

How comes that private schools fare so much better as compared to our public schools?

One thing that plays a role here sure can be the reputation of some of our private schools.

Many times, simply having the name of a good school on the CV might convince a future employer to select an applicant over others.

The education standard in many of our private, independent schools here in the UK is most often higher then that which we can find in state schools. State schools can be plagued by a multitude of problems that can range from under-funding to overcrowded classrooms. Private schools don’t usually have those problems. As a result, their education standards can be much higher.

Private schools are also better when we look at things such as extracurricular activities that can help students growing up. As compared to state schools, private schools are often better when it comes to things such as sports or the arts. Those activities can only provide a good balance to studies, the can also help form and shape beneficial qualities. Spoken differently, your children will have additional options where they can learn responsibility and leadership.

If good education for your children is your concern you may want to consider a private school. At private school Cambridge you can read more about the benefits of a private school for your children.